Development Application Services

Development Application Services

When making a development submission to Council a quick response time is important to any developer. A well prepared Development Application will allow Council to complete their assessment without further information requests. BOKE have the capabilities of completing the following civil engineering documentation to support a Development Application:

  • Engineering Services Report
  • Local Council Code Compliance Report
  • RiskSmart Assessment Report
  • Site Based Stormwater Quantity Management Plan
  • Site Based Stormwater Quality Management Plan
  • Integrated Water Management Report
  • Overland Flow Assessment Report
  • Flood Assessment Report/li>

Conceptual design services may also be required at the Development Application stage. BOKE are able to complete the following conceptual design documentation:

  • Filling & Excavation (Bulk Earthworks) Plan
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plan
  • Stormwater Drainage (including detention/retention details) Plan
  • Sewer Reticulation Plan
  • Water Reticulation Plan
  • Combine Services Plan

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