Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


Blackstorm Engineers operates its business according to strict ethical standards, acting with integrity both
internally and toward our business partners. Collaboratively we operate and work closely with our clients to ensure we
bring the right expertise, skills and solutions to each project. The Code supports our commitment to integrity and
ethical business practices and sets out the standards of behaviour we expect from all of our people. The Code supports
the current policies and procedures of Blackstorm Engineers, and covers the responsibilities of all employees in
relation to:

  • Our People and Safety (including Workplace Health & Safety, Working with One Another, Personal Information
  • The Sustainability, Environment and the Community (including Respect the Environment, Recognise the Needs of the
    Community we serve, Sponsorships and Charitable Contributions);
  • Our Business Practices Ethic (including Bribery and Corruption, Gifts and Hospitality, Conflicts of Interests.
    Working with Subcontractors and other Third Parties, Insider Trading, Anti-competitive Conduct, International
    Trade Controls);
  • Use Assets and Resources (including Protection of assets , Accuracy of Reporting and Disclosure, Use of
    Information and Communications Technology);
  • Engagement with Media, Government and stakeholders (including Working with Governments, Political Contributions
    and Activities, Public Disclosures)

People Safety

  • Blackstorm Engineers believe our most important asset of our operations is our employees. It is therefore
    we care for the safety and security of our employees, and as part of our ‘Safe Work Ethics” commitment we’ve
    implemented a pro-active, risk-based approach to safety management that aims at achieving excellence in safety
    across every division of our business. This is implemented by our nominated Safety In-charge for every project
    we undertake.
  • Blackstorm Engineers approach is that “safety happens when you take responsibility”:
  • Our Team Capability: team members assigned to a task understand their safety responsibilities and have the
    knowledge and skills, to carry out their tasks in accordance with the highest standards of safety performance.
  • Our Team Risk Management: the planning and pre-mobilisation phases of projects meetings should identify safety
    risks associated and means to mitigate and eliminate injuries.
  • Our Team Culture: Well-being and safety of our employees should be prioritised by pro-actively reporting,
    awareness and risk management. Those values to be achieved by transparency reporting and reviews.
  • In addition, we have implemented rated Key Performance Indicator on Sustainability, Environmental, Security and
    Safety Management program that has become the way we perform our daily tasks.


A sustainable approach to environmental performance can no longer be considered a luxury: in today’s market, it is a
critical component of business success. Our vision is to be recognised by our employees, clients and other
stakeholders as an industry leader in environmental management. Key to maintaining our ‘licence to operate’ is the
integration of environmental risk and opportunity at all stages of tendering and project delivery through our
Safety, Quality & Environment Risk Management program. We are committed to meeting all of our regulatory and
contractual obligations while at the same time optimising outcomes for our clients, local community and the
environment. Our approach is encapsulated in our ‘No Harm’ vision, supported by environmental professionals embedded
within our project planning and delivery teams to create a culture of shared responsibility for positive
environmental outcomes. Ultimately, we aspire to be a leader in the provision of environmentally sustainable
infrastructure through innovation and collaboration.

Working for the Community

Community Relations

  • Our team takes pride in the responsible and ethical manner in which we conduct our business.
  • We believe in doing what is right:
  • We observe a community-focused culture across our entire business
  • We promptly respond to community enquiries in a timely manner
  • We negotiate with all relevant parties and encourage constructive resolution of any issues that may arise
    through projects
  • We seek to understand and meet the reasonable needs and desires of local communities
  • We proactively engage with communities about our activities that may affect them
  • We provide affected communities with appropriate advance notification of planned works
  • We contribute to the economic development of local communities by creating opportunities for local involvement
    in our projects
  • We communicate in an open, transparent and timely manner in all our interactions with the community
  • We donate time, skills or resources as appropriate to initiatives in our local communities that improve social,
    environmental or economic outcomes
  • We continually review, measure and improve our standards of community and stakeholder engagement

Our Engagement In Community

At Blackstorm Engineers, most of our projects are community based and we take pride on how they are
delivered. Our objective is to work in an ethical manner, to make a valuable contribution to our communities
by providing community infrastructure, local employment opportunities to develop a sustainable community.
This is set by strategically engaging with community in our projects by sharing knowledge as corporate
citizens for long term community development. Our Community projects are that benefit community includes:

  • Community water supply and sanitation
  • Disaster relief programmes
  • Medical and health infrastructure construction and rehabilitation
  • Rural roads rehabilitation
  • Community education rehabilitation programs
  • School programs, development and rehabilitation facilities, career-development opportunities,
  • Cultural festival and event sponsorship
  • Working with remote and disadvantaged communities
  • Project open days and exhibitions
  • At Blackstorm Engineers, we respect and engage in good neighbourliness at all time as a positive legacy
    within the community.

Our Philosophy

Blackstorm Engineers has four main values which the employees work by every day. These are Work with Integrity,
Work as a team, Perform Outstandingly and Work with Respect. All employees are continually encouraged and reminded to
follow these values as the workplace flows much better when all employees are working together and doing what is morally

Working with Integrity

  • We believe in doing what is right
  • We keep our promises
  • Being fair and open with everybody
  • We support everyone for doing the right thing
  • We do not walk past what is wrong or unsafe

Working as a Team

  • We believe we work better as a team
  • Continuously creating excellent relationships
  • We focus on customer satisfaction
  • Listen to each other and share knowledge willingly
  • Willingly combine our expertise and experience

Outstanding Performance

  • We work together to improve and exceed expectations
  • We work towards safe and high quality
  • Never tolerate under performance in ourselves or in others
  • Focus on innovative and creative solutions
  • We will always do extra mile to deliver

Working with Respect

  • We strongly believe in treating everyone equally and embrace difference
  • Support and encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential
  • We care and work towards sustainable environmental strategies
  • We appreciate the skills and abilities of others