Blackstorm Engineers design and produce documentation for a wide range of infrastructure, including Residential, Commercial, or Government projects. Our experience and knowledge has allowed us to perfect our delivery so that we can offer fast and cost effective solutions with the best level of client service. Our clients include; Government Agencies, Builders, Architects, Designers/Drafters and Home Owners. Blackstorm Engineers is a multi-disciplinary team of expert engineers and professionals who have been handpicked for their experience and capability in handling complex projects. Our ability to provide a complete service solution is what appeals to our clients, who often have many contractors to manage. This ensures that communications are simplified and that we can provide cost effective results. We offer a versatile approach to designing retaining walls, from small garden walls to support structures. Whether you need a retaining wall certification, standard details for a simple project or have more complex requirements, our experience working with different materials and pre-cast systems means your job is in safe hands.

Infrastructure services we offer:


We are capable of designing and installing noise barriers on roadways to reduce noise pollution for nearby residents.


Our engineering team and site foremen have the capacity to design, supply and construct sealed roads, all weather roads, and bridges in metro, rural, and remote locations.

Building framing

We provide engineering certification for single and multi-storey framed structures, steel fabrication detail drawings and quantity take-offs. The strong relationships we have built with suppliers mean we can provide you with cost effective solution for insulated panel and steel or timber framed designs.

Cyclonic structures

We provide engineering certification for single and multi-storey framed structures that are situated in cyclone-affected regions. This includes site investigations, foundation details, wall systems (insulated panel, steel or timber framed) and roof trusses. We also provide steel fabrication detail drawings and quantity take-offs.

Footings, foundations, and ground slabs

We design foundation systems to suit various applications and have years of experience with both, single and multiple story dwellings. No matter what type of soil you have, our Geo-technical team can assess your site so the most suitable solution for your build is achieved.

Modular Structures

We provide full engineering certification of single module or more complex structures for both non-cyclonic and cyclonic applications. This includes roof, wall and floor systems using a variety of construction methods (insulated panel, build up framed, trussed, steel or timber framed and concrete or steel chassis). We also provide steel fabrication detail drawings and quantity take-offs.

Outbuildings, garages, patios and gazebos

Councils and Shires usually require ancillary structures to be certified by an Engineer. Not only have we developed a range of standard designs to suit a number of ancillary applications, we can also create custom designs to suit your requirements.

Piling design and installation

We have the expertise to provide piling solutions for both Geo-technical and Structural applications. We are able to help you if you are protecting an existing service structure, such as Water Corporation sewers, retaining walls, swimming pools and bores, or are starting a new project.

Power Substations

Our in-house engineering team and site foremen have capacity to design and construct Low and High Voltage transformers and substations. We have partnerships with accredited specialist installers and suppliers to ensure the successful completion of any project.

Power Transmission Towers

Our engineering team and site foremen have the capacity to design and construct power distribution lines, Low voltage 110V-33kv, High voltage 33kV-500kv, transmission towers, and perform required maintenance.

Renovation Solutions

Should you require the addition of a room, floor or even a basement; our experienced team provide tailored designs to suit your needs. We also provide services to certify the addition and removal of walls, the utilisation of roof space and the closing-in of carports and verandas and pre-cast systems means your job is in safe hands.

Roof Systems

We can design a range of roof systems to suit your requirements; from roof strutting beams for a conventional timber stick roof through to fully detailed and quantified engineered roof take-offs. We also have specialized teams that can design, detail and quantify light gauge steel roof truss systems for fabrication purposes.

Street Lights

We are capable of providing design and installation services for stand alone solar street lights.

Suspended Floor Systems

Using the latest design codes and guidelines, we can comfortably complete design and documentation for a range of suspended floors including in-situ concrete, composite concrete and steel truss design, traditional timber or steel joist, timber trusses, delta core panels and hebel flooring.

Swimming Pools

We have the expertise to provide swimming pool designs in all shapes and sizes using a number of materials, including concrete and brick.