Our engineering team and site foremen have the capacity to design, supply and construct sealed roads, all weather roads and bridges.

We operates in metro, rural and remote locations. We carry roads, traffic and transport projects for local and state government as well as for private developers and infrastructure providers.

Our experience also includes government sponsored projects, projects funded by world bank and United Nations. We effectively execute the projects using our young culturally diverse crews with own machinery and plants. We have a strong commitment to Quality, Safe workplace, Cost Effectiveness and Deadlines.

Blackstorm Engineers has partnerships with local Sub Constructors and Global Companies In Australia And China.

Our Services in Civil work includes:

  • Piling design and installation
  • Ground Treatment solution
  • Road design and construction
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Site classification
  • CBR classification
  • Fill assessment
  • Bridge design and construction
  • Compaction testing

Civil services we offer

Bulk Earthworks

A representative from our office can certify earthworks through assessments tested at regular and appropriate intervals during the construction phase. We will assess whether the quality of materials and workmanship provided on a project is consistent with the requirements, and provide construction advice where necessary to ensure the site is constructed in compliance with the design.

Bushfire Attack Limits Assessments

For construction in bushfire prone areas, our personnel can provide an assessment in accordance with AS3959. This provides the structural engineers with site-specific information to design the structure to reduce your risk of ignition from bushfires.

California bearing ratio classification

We are capable of determining the California Bearing Ratio to determine the strength of your surface.

Compaction testing

Our team can conduct testing on the compacted building envelope in accordance with the relevant Australian standards to confirm that the ground compaction levels are sufficient for your build. This includes all standard residential and commercial pads, as well as deep tests on back filled pools and/or bores.

Earthworks Monitoring

A representative from our office can certify earthworks through testing and assessments at regular intervals during the construction process. We will assess whether the quality of materials and workmanship provided on a project are consistent with the design requirements and provide construction advice where necessary.

Fill Assessments

A fill assessment determines whether the fill used on site is suitable for the proposed construction and is structurally adequate. We can conduct an assessment of the quality and compactions of fill materials encountered on site to avoid potential settlements occurring in the future and provide recommendations for remedial earthworks if required.

Footings, Foundations, and Ground Slabs

We design foundation systems to suit various applications and have years of experience with both, single and multiple storey dwellings.

Geotechnical Services

We conduct field investigations, testing of foundation materials, laboratory testing of soil material and other exploratory work using a NATA accredited materials testing laboratory and our highly skilled team we are able to provide our clients with timely and accurate results.

Ground Treatments

Our specialised team can provide excavation and ground treatment advice, such as reinforcement piling or grout solutions, to improve the properties of the existing ground, which can prevent shifting or sinking that may occur.

Land Capability Assessments

We conduct land capability assessments for residential and commercial developments to identify key site and soil features and any constraints in the building area that may affect development, including on-site storm water management. We have extensive experience and our one-stop shop eliminates the need for external contracting and time delays, allowing your local council requirements to be met sooner.

Road Design and Construction

Our Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads endorsed engineering team and site foremen have capacity to design, supply and construct sealed and all weather roads in metro, rural, and remote locations.

Piling Design and Installation

Our experienced fieldwork team can provide a wide range of temporary and permanent earth retention piling designs and verification services, to support your project.

Retaining Wall Design and Certification

We offer a versatile approach to designing retaining walls, from small garden walls to support structures. Whether you need a retaining wall certification, standard details for a simple project or have more complex requirements, our experience working with different materials.

Site Classification

Our team can conduct borehole sampling on both sand and clay sites, and perform in-house soil testing on samples retrieved, and we can provide an Engineer’s site classification report as per your local council requirements. Receive the footing design required for your construction, based upon the site classification assessment.

Wind Classifications

Wind conditions impact the design of your building. Our classifications provide the essential information you need to ensure your design is tailored to suit the environmental conditions.