About us

About Us

Blackstorm Engineers is an Australian owned and private civil engineering company with extensive experience in the design and construction of civil infrastructure. Our unique delivery model of national and international specialist businesses, integrated with a diverse engineering capabilities provides our company with the capacity to deliver complex and challenging works in a various of sectors.

Our diverse experience and knowledge in Engineering, Design and Construction mean we can provide services to a range of clients including Governments, Not for Profit Organizations, the United Nations, Homeowners, Private Firms, and other major contractors. We are here to deliver on design and construction despite the complexity of the project or remoteness of the location. Blackstorm Engineers has experience on the provision of public infrastructure including community structures, water, sewerage, roads, drainage and other municipal infrastructure in Brisbane and wider Queensland region

Our Philosophy


We believe in doing what is right, keeping our promises, and being fair and open with everybody.


We believe that we work better as a team, building continuous relationships amongst each other and with our clients, working together to produce better results


We strongly believe in treating everyone equally and embracing differences. We support and encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential, and appreciate the skills and abilities of others.


We work together to improve and exceed expectations, Never tolerating under performance in ourselves or in others. We will always go the extra mile to deliver a superior product.


Blackstorm Engineers operates its business according to strict ethical standards. Collaboratively we operate and work closely with our clients to ensure we bring the right expertise, skills and solutions to each project. Our ethical standards support our commitment to integrity and ethical business practices, and dictate the current policies and procedures of Blackstorm Engineers in relation to: Our People and Safety; The Sustainability, Environment and the Community; Our Business Practices Ethic; Use Assets and Resources; Engagement with Media, Government and stakeholders


Blackstorm Engineers believe our most important asset of our operations is our employees. It is therefore we care for the safety and security of our employees, and as part of our ‘Safe Work Ethics” commitment we’ve implemented a pro-active, risk-based approach to safety management that aims at achieving excellence in safety across every division of our business.


Our professional team comprises of people from different cultures. Our team’s backgrounds and experiences set us apart, and provide the skills and versatility to work in Metro and Remote locations. We recognise, Care for and Support Professional Development of our team.


At Blackstorm Engineers, most of our projects are community based and we take pride in how they are delivered. Our objective is to work in an ethical manner, to make a valuable contribution to our communities by providing community infrastructure, local employment opportunities to develop a sustainable community. This is set by strategically engaging with community in our projects by sharing knowledge as corporate citizens for long term community development. Some of our work which have benefited the community include:

  • Community water supply and sanitation
  • Disaster relief programmes
  • Medical and health infrastructure construction and rehabilitation
  • Rural roads rehabilitation
  • Community education rehabilitation programs
  • School programs, development and rehabilitation facilities, career-development opportunities,
  • Cultural festival and event sponsorship
  • Working with remote and disadvantaged communities
  • Project open days and exhibitions
  • At Blackstorm Engineers, we respect and engage in good neighbourliness at all time as a positive legacy within the community.


Our mission is to provide quality engineering solutions with skill and passion that benefit our clients, team and community. Our professional team has an innovative spirit which provides outstanding services to our clients. We work with our clients to develop a plan which meets their needs. And our project managers, engineers and OHSE officers are committed to safety, taking the responsibility to supervise and care for our team in the office and out in the field.


We are committed to having a positive impact on our industry and the community through engagement and accreditation with Engineers Australia, Professional Engineers Queensland, National Professional Engineers Registry Australia and various Not for Profit Organisations to support the employment and training of young engineers.