Noise barriers – Noise walls

For the past five years Blackstorm Engineers has been involved in a number of noise barriers and noise walls. Our team has been involved in Noise Barriers projects including:
• Townsville Ring Road – Deeragum, Townsville Qld
• Gateway arterial – Rochedale Qld
• Hale Street- Inner City Bypass – Paddington Road Qld

An acoustic panel barrier otherwise known as a noise barrier is mainly used for noise reduction of highways, busy arterial roads, elevated composite roads and other noise sources. There are pure sound isolation reflecting sound barriers, and composite sound barriers combined with sound absorption and sound insulation. The latter is a more effective method of sound insulation as it functions as a wall structure designed to mitigate the effects of traffic noise on nearby residents. A facility is inserted between the source of sound and the receiver to make a significant additional attenuation of sound propagation, thereby weakening the noise in a certain region of the receiver.

We are prequalified for Design and Construction by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Our sound engineers have capability of research and measure the audio decibel (dB) allowable for residential applications.

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