Backyard Sewage Treatment Plant

Here we have a backyard Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), which Blackstorm Engineers installed in December 2018.

This standard plant will provide full treatment for BOD, Suspended Solids, Ammonia and Total Nitrogen. While also utilising a high rate reflux return activated sludge system for nitrification and denitrification. For Phosphorus dosing, we would include a dedicated chamber connected to the treatment system, dosing either ferric chloride or poly-aluminium tri-silicate to settle out the suspended solids reducing the orthophosphates to achieve the phosphorus discharge limit.

We conduct annual maintenance to ensure satisfactory function of the plant, 6-8 monthly mechanical, electrical, and grease cartridges checks. If operating at full load we conduct 2,000 litres of sludge removal every 14-18 months.

For this backyard sewage treatment plan we estimate sludge removal every 15 months. These checks also include alarms for RBC rotation loss, sludge return pump failure, and loss of power. We will have the alarm beacon on top of the panel. If SMS is required, this could be easily added. All maintenance is performed by locally trained operators who were trained during initial installation.